Meet the Team

“I’m really humbled by your team’s professionalism and the amount of support I received from you”

Tertia Albertyn: Matchmaker Extraordinaire

Tertia Albertyn - Matchmaker Extraordinaire
Tertia, Nurture co-founder is a recovering infertile and now mother to very cheeky twins conceived on her 9th IVF + one freebie baby . She has written extensively about her personal experience with infertility, both on her award winning blog ( and in her book ‘So Close’ (available on Amazon and as an eBook). Tertia was recently recognized by the international organization RESOLVE for her outstanding contribution in the family building community. Founding member of the Society of Cross Border Reproductive Care (SCRC) and co-creator of South Africa’s largest infertility support network (, s
he lives behind The Boerie Curtain (Durbanville) with her husband who never listens to her and her 3 children who listen even less. Her job is to support Recipients and keep Melany under control. The first bit she is very good at, the second bit is impossible. Contact Tertia on or 0824418639 or check out her profile

Melany Bartok: Top Dog Donor Diva

Melany Bartok: Top Dog Donor Diva & Nurture Co-founderMelany is co-founder of Nurture and is our Top Dog Donor Diva. An ex-egg donor herself, she knows first hand what it is like to go through the process. She is fiercely protective about her donors and has been known to take on people several sizes bigger than herself in order to protect their best interests. Melany is part Vampire (she never sleeps) and part teenager. She lives in Table View with her three fur babies and 1 x two legged smurf daughter & gorgeous husband Tony, who, bless him, has the patience of Job. Speaking of Job….Mel’s job is to recruit and support our donors. She is their BF! Contact Melany on or 0766 848489.

Kim Lazarus: Fairy Godmother

Kim Lazarus - Fairy Godmother & MatchmakerJust when you thought there couldn’t possibly be someone who has done more IVFs than you have….Meet our Fairy Godmother, Kim – veteran of 17 IVFs. Bringing some Kosher to the team, this animal-loving ex infertile is now a dedicated soccer mom to two boys. In between rescuing stray cats and saving pet tortoises (true story!), Kim works her magic in matching the perfect donor to the perfect recipient. She is also the country’s leading surrogacy expert and ran the most successful surrogacy program in South Africa. Kim lives in Camps Bay with her two boys, her husband and an assortment of rescued strays. Contact Kim on or 0832619956

“A special thanks to Kim for always being there. Knowing that set Nurture apart head and shoulders from other donation agencies.”

Gerida Furstenburg: Magic Maker

Gerida Furstenburg: Magic MakerA qualified nurse and an experienced IVF co-ordinator, Gerida joins the Nurture team from a top fertility clinic in South Africa. What other people still have to learn about fertility treatments, Gerida has already forgotten. Trained at the Lister Clinic in the UK, Gerida has successfully managed donor egg IVF cycles from the clinical side for over 13 years. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, she not only knows this stuff professionally – she knows it personally too – she is mother to IVF twins herself. Intelligent, forthright and known for telling it like it is, Gerida is our token ‘Vaalie’. She is responsible for the Northern Region of the country and is based at our offices in Sandton. Contact Gerida on or 0829544194

Helen de Pinto: Queen of Hearts

Helen de Pinto: Queen of HeartsHelen is Nurture’s Queen of hearts (and our Queen Bee) which means she works non-stop to ensure that our donors are taken care of from their initial application until they are placed on our website as a Nurture donor. However…it does not stop there, as Helen continues to love and support the donors with any questions or concerns they might have along the way.  Her mothering instincts are also kept very busy on the home front with 3 beautiful daughters and a mad Italian who loves her dearly. What’s not to love! If we had a wife, we would want her to be just like Helen. Nurture wouldn’t function if it wasn’t for Helen’s hard work and dedication. Contact Helen on or 083 5355 947

“Compliments to you and the whole Nurture team for the excellent job you do! Everything was planned so good, it worked out perfectly!”

Lee Owtram : Super Duper Wonder Woman

Lee Owtram : Super Duper Wonder Woman

Lee is part of the family.  From a corporate background – she can make people do all kinds of things.   Her favorite word is “shame” and we have to stop her from taking off her shoes/sweater/scarf and giving it away to someone less fortunate.  Mother to teenage son (musician in the making) and young daughter (full of heart, just like her Mom) Lee runs all our special projects, as well as our UK operation.  Full of boundless energy and new ideas, her attention to detail is legend! Lee doesn’t miss a thing.  Contact Lee on or 072 888 5539

Lindsay Broome : Marketing Marvel

Lindsay Broome : Marketing Marvel

Lindsay joined the team from a corporate background where she had the best service delivery training in IT. Lindsay has a passion for service excellence, helping others realize their dream, little people (most of the time!) and not forgetting spa treatments and Chardonnay!  Having experienced infertility herself, Lindsay conceived her twosome on her 8th IVF and can wholeheartedly relate to those on a similar journey.

Lindsay lives in the Southern Suburbs (the Burbs) with her husband, treasured twins and first-born child, a crazy Jack Russell. Joined at the hip to her Macbook, her job is to manage Nurture’s marketing efforts, look after our social media communities and ultimately get the Nurture message out.  Contact Lindsay on or 0726144947.

Tanya Rubin : Soulicious Sistah

Tanya Rubin : Soulicious Sistah & Qualified Counsellor


Because everyone needs someone to talk to, we have our own qualified counsellor on board. Tanya is a registered Social Worker and Logotherapist and with more than 10 years infertility counselling experience, has provided counselling to hundreds of future parents and donors. Tanya is passionate about providing emotional support to those going through the process of infertility. Besides her professional qualifications, Tanya is an ex-infertility patient herself with one IVF baby and One Free Gift. Plus one long-suffering husband who puts up with it all. Tanya continues to help those who are struggling with infertility and also runs a telephone helpline for infertility patients. Tanya is our Gauteng donor liaison person who looks after all our Joburg and Pretoria donors. Gentle, kind and caring, Tanya lives in Joburg with her husband, two human kids and two fur kids. You can contact Tanya at or call her on 0826001989

The Team

The Nurture Team

Financing your fertility treatment

FHF - Affordable Finance For Your Fertility

Nurture has teamed up with First Health Finance to provide access to financing for fertility treatment.

First Health Finance (FHF) offers payment plans for fertility treatment, including the costs associated with donor egg IVF.

The process is quick and easy, and allows you to apply online at with the following benefits:

· No down payment required

· Flexible and affordable monthly payments

· Payment is made by FHF directly to Nurture and to your doctor

· Confidentiality is assured

· FHF is registered with the National Credit Regulator

Visit, apply online and ascertain whether you qualify for finance.

The Malka Ella Fertility Fund

Malka Ella Fertility Fund

Nurture is a proud supporter of the Malka Ella Fertility Fund offering free and heavily discounted treatment cycles for the recipients of the fund.

“The birth of a child is a miracle. For those who are able to conceive naturally it might even be taken for granted. For those who face the challenge of infertility it is a heartrending struggle.

The biblical story of Avraham and Sarah’s struggle to conceive mirrors many modern-day couples’ struggle to become parents. Today unfortunately, physical, spiritual and emotional pain is exacerbated by the financial pressure endured by these couples in their quest to achieve parenthood.

Ten years ago a devoted group of Jewish men and women realised the need for a community fund to provide Jewish couples with financial assistance and emotional support. This was the beginning of the Malka Ellla Fertility Fund.

To date, the Fund has financed and supported numerous fertility and adoption procedures, which have resulted in more than 90 babies being born or adopted.

Our sages urge us to utilise every possible facility available to have children and create a Jewish family. The Malka Ella Fertility Fund believes that financial constraints should never be an obstacle in achieving this dream.

For more information about the Malka Ella Fertility Fund, please visit

Nurture Cares

Nurture cares about our country, our community and our children, and are a proud supporter of Ikamva Labantu who do amazing work to develop self-reliant and sustainable community-based organisations to facilitate positive social change.


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