Awesome feedback!

Nurture take pride in our honesty, integrity and ethical approach to everything we do!

“I’ve seen some fertility clinics campaign to get egg donations come across my feed, all of them feeling shady and tricky, dodging questions or seriously sugarcoating the process (which, let’s be honest, isn’t exactly rainbows and sunshine all the time!)

Thanks, Nuture Egg Donor Program, for being really upfront about all of this. Answering questions with legitimate, and honest answers, being firm when you need to be, and very informative. It really does instil a sense of confidence in your program, and overall makes it seem like you are a very respectable organisation that knows what’s up.

Respect… Much respect”

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This is temporary for me – but a changed lifetime for a mother!

We are so proud of this incredible egg donor, who like many of our egg donor’s genuine reason for donating is to help others…..

“This week has been a bit more challenging. I had some serious chocolate cravings! Been feeling very bloated and uncomfortable, as well as hormonal. This is all new to me and will take some getting used to. I am fortunate enough to have surrounded myself with supportive friends and family who understand and will do anything for me.

I just remind myself that this is temporary for me – but a changed lifetime for a mother!

I still think this whole process is amazing and am fascinated by what happens in my body. There hasn’t been one moment where I even came close to regretting my decision to donate and I will definitely do this again. It is too amazing and big not to!

Oh and all the Nurture ladies are angels! I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to do this with than Nurture! ”




Egg Donor Feedback post her initial medical consult

“Hi Nurture!
Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been to a gyneacologist. I was a bit scared – I had no idea what to expect, but I had a really good experience.
The nursing staff that greeted me were so friendly and warm. That already comforted me a bit. I liked how motherly Ronel is.

The session with Dr Lizette was incredibly informative! I learned so much! She is great with people. The sonar itself was uncomfortable – but seeing what happens inside my uterus was fascinating. Now I know what the follicles look like too! I have great appreciation for how professional and gentle Dr Lizette is and I look forward to the journey with her.

I am so grateful to be doing this egg donation with Nurture as my partner! I couldn’t have chosen a better one. I definitely see myself with you guys in the long run, helping recipient parents get their miracles!”


Awesome egg donor feedback

“Thank you so much for all your support, care and professionalism.
The procedure went really well and the Dr was really pleased with how successful it turned out.
I would love to know if my little eggs will grant someone else more joy in this world. I am so grateful that I could be a part of this amazing process. I am really blessed and appreciate the work your team does.”

What’s not to LOVE about this awesome egg donor feedback!

“Thank you so much for making my donation process such a breeze, and for being so endlessly kind, professional and supportive. Donating eggs has definitely been one of the most humbling experiences of my young life so far”.


YAY! Our special recipient is 23 weeks pregnant ♡

With all the love and thanks in the world to her incredible egg donor, who had this to say……

“This is just the most amazing news! She is on my mind all the time, and I’m so so thankful to hear that everything is going as it should! Even though I am not a part of it, I know I will be even more excited as September comes closer, because the whole reason I did this, was so someone else could have this experience, and knowing that the end result that we have all been hoping for is coming closer, is amazing!

Please wish her all the very best for me, and may the rest of this wonderful pregnancy be a breeze.

I’m still cheering her on for the last part of this leg of her journey xxxx”


“SO happy that we were able to change this family’s life”

On receiving news that her recipient is PREGNANT, our incredible egg donor had this to say:

“That is the most amazing news on the day my sister went into labour of her baby girl.

It brought tears to us all, and a moment of silence, in which we all realised how blessed we are that we can build our family without even blinking twice.
At first my mum and sister were a bit sceptical about my donation, they now fully understand and are incredibly proud of me.
I am SO SO SO happy that we were able to change this family’s life and make their dearest dream come true.
I can’t even express 🙂
I hope you Nurture ladies will keep up this incredible work and help make as many couples as possible a family.
Lots of love and all the best for you and the family, please let them know how happy I am for them and that I didn’t regret my decision for a second”
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“It was really great being part of the Nurture team”

“I just wanted to let you know that my egg retrieval was done today ….I must say the doctors and nurses are so amazing, this really was a great experience.

The donor family gave me a beautiful gift as well. Could you please tell them that I wish them everything of the best and that I feel so privileged to have been able to help them through this experience. I will always keep them in my prayers and I know that this baby will be truly loved.

I would also like to thank you all for checking in and being part of this journey, it was really great being part of the Nurture team.

Could you please keep me posted on the mothers progress…

Keep well and again thank you for everything”.

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“Thank you for all that you do to make each egg donation such a happy event”

We are in awe of our egg donor’s generosity and even more so when they express gratitude to us! Thank you,  for your kind words. We are proud and grateful for you!

“A big thanks to fabulous you for being in contact with me and all that you do behind the scenes to make each egg donation such a happy event. You’re just so great with your friendliness, efficiency and all around good vibes!
I hope you and all the ladies at Nurture have the most wonderful Christmas!