Our first time egg donor shares her experience

images“I am a Nurture donor and completed my first donation on the 21st of October 2015. The experience for me was a great one and I wouldn’t mind donating again! From Gerida, who held my hand on the first day I walked into BioArt, to the clinic sisters who made sure I understood what needed to be done, how to take my medication and made
sure I was comfortable on the day of the aspiration too. I just want to say thank you to them and may they keep up the hard work, kindness and passion in which they do their jobs. My first time experience went smoother than I thought and was              very comfortable.
Thank you to everyone who played a part in making my visits to the clinic lovely and good luck to my recipient (I have my fingers crossed!)
Thank you all

“I really enjoyed this donation experience”

“The retrieval was great (18 eggs, again!). It was, by far my favourite aspiration to date. The Sandton Fertility Clinic staff are awesome.  Sister Iris is a superstar of great note and a super sweetie too!

I loved the baggie of goodies too! Thank you for the awesome opportunity to donate yet again. I really enjoyed this donation experience.

The Nurture team is awesome!



“Full of hope”

When asked why she’d like to donate, our beautiful “new” ‪‎egg donor‬ has this to say:
“I believe that if I can make a difference in even one person’s life in my time spent on earth, it would’ve been a life worth living. I cannot think of a more perfect way to make that difference than potentially giving the gift of life to a couple that are not able to conceive themselves.
Full of hope

heart hands 3

“As our egg donor’s journey comes to an end……”

pink heart 5“Thank you once again for being so amazing. It’s been so lovely working with you, always. You’ve always been my rock throughout every journey. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Please give my love and very best wishes to my recipients…it’s been a long journey and I pray that they’ll get the baby/babies they long for so much.

This is a sad goodbye…once again. I wish you and the Nurture team a very successful and prosperous journey ahead.

Keep up the excellence! 🙂


A ‘Love Letter’ to my recipient

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You Gave Me Reason, Thank You!!

  • I’ve always needed a good reason to care so much for someone I don’t know & have never seen (my pen-pal disappeared on me after a month)
    • You gave me you, a mystery that mattered so
  • I’ve always needed a good reason to lose myself & think not of me in such a selfish world.
    • You gave me happiness in disappearing and putting you first
  • I’ve always needed a good reason to pray more and longer
    • You made me pray more than I talk (P.S I talk a lot)
  • I’ve always needed a good reason to be a good girl 24 hours a day
    • It felt like you were watching, in a good way ☺
  • I’ve always needed a good reason not to be too crazy and let the minion in me take over
    • It still felt like you were watching 😁
  • I’ve always needed a good reason to be faithful to my yoga classes
    • You gave me a connection to them (I found a happy place in the thought of you being happy)
  • I’ve always needed a reason to extend my jogging path
    • You made slavery so purposeful and sexy!!
  • I’ve always needed a good reason to eat healthily, like all the time
    • You gave me so much pride when skipping the junk aisle
  • I’ve always needed a good reason to take pills and injections and all things scary
    • You made me embrace my phobias
  • I’ve always needed a reason to lose my virginity
    • You gave me such much joy in opening my legs for a scanner to go through
  • I’ve always needed an awesome reason to write a good poem
    • You can complete that…😊

"I'm helping a couple start a family"

Tammuz ad copy“I’m back from the egg retrieval and feel great, a little bit of an uncomfortable tummy but otherwise I’m happy… they managed to retrieve 31 eggs!

 I will definitely want to do this all again as it’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that for a few days of discomfort, and one small procedure I’m helping a couple start a family.

 I am now holding thumbs that the recipient falls pregnant and they can start their exciting journey.

 Thank you to you and your special Nurture team, you all have been so supportive. It’s such a pleasure to be apart of your agency! Definitely made my process easy!”

"I have a great feeling of peace ♡♡♡"

As she’s reached her limit and her journey as an egg donor comes to an end, our amazing donor has this say:

“Wow I can not explain the feeling I have right now, that is so amazing! Thank you for this life changing experience, it really has changed my life and taught me so much about myself as a person and how it takes nothing, absolutely nothing to change someone’s world! I am in absolute awe today and have a great feeling of peace ♡♡♡

Thank you!”

As sad as we are to “lose” her – we cannot thank her enough for the amazing gifts she have given to our Nurture recipients.



"Thank you for your constant love and support"

“A huge thank you for allowing me a chance to make some sort of difference in someone else’s life. You and your team have always been an absolute pleasure to work with and Nurture is a company I will always recommend!

Thank you for your constant love and support during each egg donation and for making me feel like family!


"Words can’t explain how amazing it feels to have helped them"

red hearts intertwinedAnother positive pregnancy result and our special egg donor had this to say:

“Wow! I am so thrilled and crying tears of joy, that is absolutely wonderful news. I’ve kept them in prayer since my donation. Words can’t explain how amazing it feels to have helped them. Please congratulate them for me and I wish my Angel recipient well over her pregnancy and for the future ahead. Parenthood will bring them a lifetime of joy.

Children bring happiness and blessings into families, and for me to have given her a little ‘push start’ to becoming a mother has just fulfilled my purpose “Helping Others”.

A very big thank you to the entire Nurture Team as well as the Dr’s and staff of Cape Fertility Clinic.

Hugs n Kisses from a very happy Nurture Donor xx”

"It feels so special knowing I helped someone with such a blessing"

Heart-727x409With the news that her egg donation recipient is pregnant, our awesome egg donor had this to say:

“Wowwwwwwwwww I’m sooooo FRIGGEN happy right now, this is just the best news ever,  it’s like I won the lottery or something! I’m so excited and soooo happy for the couple, I wish them all the best. May she have the best pregnancy ever and enjoy it to the fullest. May God put his blessings over this special couple.

Thank you so much for letting me know, it feels so special knowing I helped someone with such a blessing.”