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By becoming an egg donor you are doing one of the most important, selfless things humanly possible – you are helping other people have the child they have longed for. Thanks to your generosity, women (and men!) who are otherwise unable to conceive with their own eggs are offered a chance to build their family. Infertility sucks, thanks for helping those who are stuck in that horrible place.

We have loads of information available about egg donation and we encourage you to read through our website to learn as much as you can as you embark on this life changing journey.  Don’t forget to check out our FAQ page as well! Lots of useful info there.  If you have done your research and you are ready to apply, click this bright orange button:

So, are you ready to do it!!  It is time to fill in the donor application form.  By clicking this link or the bright orange button at the top right side of this page you will be taken to the Nurture Donor Portal. You will be asked to register with your email address and a password.  Once you verify your details (a verification link will be emailed to you), you will be able to complete the application form.

If you get stuck or need help completing the form, we are just an email away – please email us straight away to and we will help.

Good luck and thank you!

Brief Overview of The Donor Application Process

Being one of our gorgeous and divine Nurture Egg Donors, you will feel the love and receive an unparalleled level of support and care. At Nurture, we are focused on making the experience of being an Egg Donor as rewarding as possible. You will be in good hands!

We are an equal opportunity Egg Donor Program – Nurture loves all of you! We are looking for pink, black, caucasian, coloured, indian and asian donors. We do not unfortunately accept green donors. Sorry for youuuu!

The Application: Our standards are very high as we are looking to attract people who are 100% committed to the process. This is important because there is a lot at stake here! We need to know you are willing and able to do this. There are basic requirements, e.g. a regular menstrual cycle, age, a body mass index between 19 and 28. To calculate your BMI, click on this link (The reason why you can’t be too skinny-malinky or too voluptuous is that the fertility meds don’t work as well if your BMI is under or over the target range.)

If your application is successful, someone from our divine donor support team will arrange to meet with you over a cup of coffee and have a chat about what exactly is entailed in the process of becoming an Egg Donor. This will be your opportunity to ask any and all questions you might have. Come armed with your list of questions and grill us, we are ready!!

The Medical Procedure:
As soon as you’ve been matched with a recipient, you will have an initial appointment with the Doctor and the Psychologist. Once they are satisfied that you are 100% healthy in body and mind, your menstrual cycle will be coordinated with the recipients (this is generally done over a two month period) and thereafter you will be given a +-14 day course of fertility medication. During this 14 day period you will need to visit the clinic at least 4 times to track the progress of the developing eggs. On the day of the retrieval, the eggs are removed whilst you are under sedation. No incisions are made. 

**For detailed information on exactly how the medical procedure works, please read here **

Financial Settlement: Donors are not responsible for any of the medical costs. You will be reimbursed R7000 for the contribution of your time, energy and effort upon completion of the donation. You are NOT paid for your eggs (or per egg!), you are paid for the time and effort expended in the process of donation.

If you have any further queries, please send an email to the fabulous Melany on

Good luck, and on behalf of the gals at Nurture and the many childless recipients out there, Thank You!

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