Egg donor compensation

It’s not about the money, honey… but let’s talk about it anyway…

We know that you are not becoming an egg donor for the money.  We know that our egg donors want to donate their eggs because they care about their fellow humans, because they want to help out, because they might know someone who struggled to have a child and they have seen the heartache it causes.  They want to pay it forward. And we love them for that.

But we also don’t want you to be out of pocket.  Donating your eggs takes time and effort and commitment, and you should be rewarded for that.  As such, the law allows egg donors to be compensated R7,000 per donation.

Note: you are not allowed to ‘sell’ your eggs.  You are however allowed to be compensated for your time and effort.  Which means that you will get R7,000 per donation whether you make one egg, no eggs or 10 eggs.  You do not get paid per egg, you get paid per donation.

Some important points to note about the compensation:

  • You will be paid the R7,000 compensation directly by the clinic at which you are donating, not by Nurture. Egg donor agencies are not allowed to pay you directly.
  • Your compensation will be paid by the clinic to you within 48 hours of donating.  This payment might only reflect in your account 24 hours after that, so give it three days before you panic 🙂
  • If you qualify for an additional travel fee (this will have been determined before we activate your profile), this additional travel fee will be paid to you by Nurture within 48 hours of your retrieval and not before.  You need to make sure that you have enough funds to get yourself to and from the clinic for ALL your appointments.  That is part of your obligation when you sign up to be an egg donor.

Nurture Lady Angel. Egg Donor Compensation