How to grow beautiful eggs

Chicken Laying EggsYou’ve been chosen by a couple who have just invested a whole lot of time, emotions and money in the hope of becoming parents. By agreeing to be their donor, you’ve already done a truly wonderful thing, THANK YOU!

So, you’ve been for the little prick (blood tests!) and the fan scan, what else can you do to improve your couple’s chances at success?

Well, there are lots of things you can do! Some of them are in the ‘can’t hurt, ‘might help’ category , Buddahthese include rubbing your Buddha’s belly, lighting your candles, singing your chants and saying a few prayers.   We welcome as much help as the universe is prepared to give us.

But there are even more things you can do, practical things that have been proven to increase the quality of your eggs.

Here is a list of Good Things and Bad Things that could affect whether your couple conceives or not.

The Good Stuff:

  • Folic acid – (also known at vitamin B9) is a VERY cheap over-the-counter vitamin that greatly increases the quality of the eggs and prevents deformities in the embryo. It only costs a few ronts at the chemist, so we urge you to get some as soon as possible. Added bonus? Better skin and hair for you – even more gorgeousness!
  • Multivitamin – this is kind of self-explanatory.       Anything that makes YOU healthier will make those eggies healthier too. So if you aren’t yet on a good multi vitamin, put yourself on one.       Ask your friendly pharmacist for advice.Water Is Important To Grow Eggs
  • Water, water, water… drink, drink, drink.  Melany will be like a stuck record on this.
  • Vegetable and fruit – the stuff your mother told you to eat as a child. She might have been off base with other stuff, but in this case she was right.

The Baaaad Stuff:

  • Ok, I know this is going to make your sphincter clench, but smoking is BAAAAAD for you. But even if you don’t care about yourself too much, every single research study says that smoking is bad for your eggs. Egg quality is greatly reduced by smoking, so please please PLEASE try and cut back as much as you can. And if you are up to it, why don’t you use this as motivation to quit all together. You will be doing your recipient a huge favour and yourself! Seriously – smoking = v bad for egg quality.

Smokers vs Non-smokers – how does it affect success rates:Cigarette effect on your egg donation

  • 64% of our donors don’t smoke.
  • Smokers only have a 45% success rate per attempt, where as non-smokers have a 59% success rate per attempt.
  • In other words, non-smokers fare 29% better as donors than smokers.
  • Avg number of eggs retrieved is the same.
  • Alcohol Affect on your egg donation Drinking – look, we love our wine here at Nurture, so we would be the LAST peopleUntitled7 to tell you to give up, but as with everything, moderation is key. If you are going to drink yourself into a stupor, not only will you feel like poo the next day, but your egg quality will be reduced.

Untitled9Bottom Line: Take a multivitamin (remember that taking folic acid is important to prevent neuralUntitled8 tube defects in the early fetus), eat a diet rich in vegetable protein, low in animal protein, moderate processed starches and … drink water, lots of it. We are not saying “none” of this or “nun” of that – but a little extra tender loving care can go a long way!