Why Nurture?

1. We are local and local is deliciously lekker local is lekker - South African Beaded lady's

Nurture is a South African company, based in South Africa, owned by South Africans using South African donors. FINALLY! An egg donor program that is affordable for local AND international recipients. Hallelujah and Dankie Tog!

But it is not just the locals we shmaak. Because we are an equal opportunity company, we *heart* the tourists too. They are more than welcome to spend their hard-earned cash in Sunny South Africa. Of course the International visitors really score seeing as you get about a billion Ronts for one Dollar! But that’s ok. It’s good for them, it’s good for us and it’s good for South Africa! Viva!

2. We know this business better than anyone else

Our Expert & Experienced Team

Having donated eggs herself, there is no one who knows the donor side of the business better than Melany does. And there are few people out there who could wrestle the Infertility Queen tiara away from Tertia, Kim or Lindsay. Between the lot of us, we have personally done over 44 IVFs of our own!! We have helped over 1785 couples / singles with egg donation and supported over 3000 donors.  We know our stuff, we have been around longer than most others.  

Plus we work harder than anyone else. This is more than a ‘job’, this is a passion and a calling. Between the early birds Helen, Kim and Tertia who are up at Sparrows Fart working away, and the Very Late Night Owl Melany who doesn’t go to bed before midnight, rounded off with Gerida, Emma, Lindsay, Tanya and Lee who work all kinds of crazy hours – we practically have the full 24 hours covered. By the time you’ve hit ‘send’, one of us has hit ‘reply’. Faster than the speed of light, better looking than a bunch of (slightly older and a bit less famous) supermodels, the Nurture gals have got you covered.

Thank you so much for everything – for your wonderful professionalism and speed at dealing with queries. I have been dealing with more than your agency and there is no comparison – you certainly have the edge!”

3. We are an Everything Friendly Company

Here at Nurture we are Gay-Friendly, Women-Friendly, Tourist-Friendly, Green-Friendly, Organic, Gluten-Free, LoCal and free of any added preservatives. In fact, Nurture is so everything-friendly that if we tried any harder we would be Mother Theresa. (That’s if Mother Theresa was as fond of Chardonnay as we are). It does not matter if you are in a same-sex relationship, a not-same sex relationship or even in a no-sex non-relationship, we believe you have as much right to be a parent as anyone else, and we would love to help you make that dream come true.

“We will always cherish your guidance, humor, patience, and warmth throughout this period of time. You always followed up on things in time and we never felt pushed to make any decisions, but we also did not feel alone no matter what the decision was. We would like to thank you for the professional and personal help.”

4. Our donors are 100% Fabulous

Being the shy and retiring types (AS IF!), we don’t want to sound conceited or anything like that, but seriously – we have better donors than anyone else. We pride ourselves on only taking on really exceptional donors, both on the inside and out. We don’t inflate our donor numbers with donors who aren’t suitable to donate or aren’t immediately available.  We personally interview every single donor who comes on to our program and only 1 in 10 people who apply to be a Nurture donor get accepted onto the Nurture program – we are very selective about ensuring we only have the best, most committed donors on our program.  Here at Nurture we give you 100% genuine fabulousness – no Photoshop, Creative Editing or BS’ing allowed!

5. We mean what we say – No BS allowed!

When we say our donors are available, it means they are available – as in ‘able to donate immediately’. We don’t double book donors, we don’t ‘over sell’ donors.  We don’t artificially inflate our donor numbers.  We don’t list donors on our website who aren’t immediately available. We don’t allow our donors to donate on back to back cycles, we don’t treat our donors like a factory product.  Don’t be fooled by syrupy sweet promises of divine intervention – here at Nurture we say it like it is. We believe in honesty, integrity and an ethical approach to everything we do. PS We also believe that although infertility is suckier than words can describe, if you don’t keep your sense of humour, you might actually go stark raving mad.  

6. South Africa is the BEST destination for the international patients

A wide range of available egg donors, excellent medical care & a high quality private health care system, outstanding success rates, similar cultures, English as a first language plus a very favourable exchange rate make South Africa an ideal destination to pursue donor egg IVF for the international fertility patient.  The opportunity to combine all of this with a fantastic vacation? Just what the doctor ordered. PS You could go to Spain or another country a little closer to you for your donor egg IVF, but then you would have to deal with this.

So in a nutshell, we are better at this than anyone else, our donors and surrogates are a cut above the rest AND our rates are affordable. It’s a win-WIN-WINNA situation. Yeah!

So in a nutshell, we are better at this than anyone else, our donors and surrogates are a cut above the rest AND our rates are affordable. It’s a win-WIN-WINNA situation. Yeah!

Dearest Melany, I just wanted to say Thank You for all the effort you put into making my donation process a success.  For always checking up on me, making sure everything was okay…Thank You! I really had an amazing experience. What you guys do is really  magnificent…was glad to assist in making a difference in someone else’s life.  DONOR T